What is the gospel?

The gospel is God’s narrative of His redeeming work; in creation, through the fall, leading to our rescue and ultimately the restoration of all things back to Himself. This story begins and ends with God Himself, without a beginning or an end; eternal and perfect in every conceivable and inconceivable way. Triune; three in one, Father, Son, and Spirit existing in perfect community with each other. Out of His desire for much to be made of Himself and out of His great love, He created everything out of nothing, culminating in creatures formed in His own image; humanity. We were designed for personal relationship with Him, and that is exactly what Adam and Eve had. They saw God face to face and walked with Him in the garden until they did the one thing God instructed them not to do; bringing imperfection into a perfect system, which cannot exist together. So now a perfect world was no longer perfect and a perfect relationship with God was no longer possible. The only solution was for perfection to come into imperfection and rescue what He made flawless. Enter Jesus into our story; fully God, homooúsios, with all of His Godness, but at the same time fully man. The imperfection that Adam brought into all creation could only be solved by God Himself. Jesus lived as God with us being without any imperfection in His life. He ultimately became the very imperfection, that brings about death in us, dying Himself. He conquered death by raising Himself through the power of the Spirit, and now gives His imperfect creatures His perfection. Jesus serves as the “bridge-man” for us. This is how an imperfect person can now have the ability to stand before a perfect God, because we get Gods perfection in the work of Jesus. The story doesn't end there, but gets a new beginning when Jesus returns and finally restores all creation back to its original perfect state of being. No longer will faith be needed, because we will once again see God face to face and walk with Him as Adam did in the garden. We believe that the Gospel is the declarative good news for all humanity that God is actively engaged in His creation. It is infinitely deep so it can bear the weight of being the main thing we look to. 


Acts 2:46-47 says "And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved."

Every week church @ the Square gathers together for the singular purpose of making much of the name of Jesus. God's Word is lifted high and taught verse by verse. We sing songs about the greatness of God. We pray with one another, give, and take part in communion each week. Dress is casual and can range from bow ties to flip-flops.  Come and join in on all that God is doing through church @ the Square.

Sunday mornings 10:15am

@Texas Skatium

2020 Rowlett rd. Garland TX 75043